2017 Raptor Horsepower numbers leaked?
It’s been discussed over and over, speculated, and argued. How much horsepower and torque will the new 2017 Raptor have?  Ford hasn’t stated any number.  But they have stated that the 2017 Raptor’s High Output 3.5 EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6 will make more horsepower and torque than the previous... Read more
Everything you wanted to know about the 2017 Raptor Transmission
Co-developed by Ford and General Motors, this new 10 speed transmission will not only show up in the new Ford Raptor this year, but also the 650HP Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.  Obviously, this transmission is made to handle high horsepower and torque.  Car and Driver Magazine takes a look at... Read more
2017 Raptor heading to China

2017 Raptor heading to China

News September 2, 2016 0

Ford Motor Company will begin shipping the new Raptor directly to China in 2017.  It will be the first time Ford has shipped an F-150 model to China, which is one of the highest selling vehicles in the United States.  There will be a few changes for the Chinese... Read more
2017 Ford Raptor Production to begin October 10th
Ford confirmed today that 2017 Ford Raptor production will begin on October 10th, 2016.  Several members of the Ford Raptor Forum posted build dates after they were contacted by their dealers with VIN numbers.  Multiple other members confirmed build dates of October 17th and October 24th.  We expect that... Read more
So, how does that 3.5 EcoBoost twin-turbo sound?
One major internet grumbling we’ve all heard about the new 2017 Raptor is that many people expect it just won’t sound the same.  The 2010-2014 Raptor with the 6.2L V8 had a mighty roar that made heads turn. But what about this new twin turbo Ecoboost? Will it do... Read more
Sync Connect with Ford Pass Explained
Sync Connect is a new option available for the first time in the F-150 Raptor for 2017.  Sync Connect adds vehicle control through a smartphone.  The Sync Connect hardware includes a 4G LTE AT&T modem built into the truck.  With an iPhone or Android device, the Raptor owner can... Read more
Raptor Technology Package Overview
Ford packed in some amazing technology in the 2017 F-150 Raptor.  If you’re looking to get the best in safety, comfort, and convenience in your Raptor, look no further than option code 68R.  The Raptor Technology Package, priced at $1,950 MSRP, adds many features that are not available as... Read more
2017 Ford Raptor Wheel Options

2017 Ford Raptor Wheel Options Hot

News August 19, 2016 0

On the first generation Raptor, Ford offered several wheels choices and actually changed the stock wheel choice several times.  If you’re trying to decide which wheels you want on your 2017 Ford Raptor, you won’t have to ponder your choices too long.  There are only two choices for now.... Read more
CarPlay & Android Auto in the 2017 Ford Raptor
Buyers will be spending up to $70,000 on the new 2017 Ford Raptor, and Part of the Sync 3 Ford infotainment system, Android Auto and CarPlay work seamlessly once the driver or passenger plugs in their phone over USB.  Buyers won’t have to select either system, so as you... Read more
2017 Ford Raptor Pricing Guide
If you’re a super negotiator, and don’t want any optional features, you can score a new 2017 Ford Raptor for as low as $44,942. Of course, that’s invoice price and you will need to pay the $1,195 destination and delivery fee.  If the first generation Raptor demand holds true,... Read more